The machinery is mainly made up of portal and gantry milling-boring machines which are provided with Selca and Fidia last generation numerical control and linked to the cad-cam station of the engineering department, so allowing a fast data transmission from programming system to working phase of the parts.

Forest high speed portal
milling machine
super finish 5 axis
n.c. Selca 4045 PD

dimensions x6000 y2500 z1200
under spindle passage 1800
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Rivolta Gantry milling machine
2 heads right and left milling
n.c. Selca 3045

dimensions x6300 y4000 z1200
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Milling-boring machine
n.c. Selca 3045
dimensions x2000 y1000 z1000
Paventa milling machine
Precision finishing n.c. Selca 4000
dimensions x3000 y600 z600
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Digit 210 Fidia milling machine
Precision finishing n.c. Fidia
dimensions x2000 y1000 z800
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Rambaudi milling machine RX 1250
n.c. Selca S 3045D
dimensions x3000 y1250 z1250
Bridge type Marwin milling machine
n.c. Selca 1200
dimensions x2500 y1600 z600
Milling machine with Mecof movable upright
n.c. Selca 3045
dimensions x6300 y1900 z1000
Rivolta milling machines
No. 4 machines n.c. Selca3045
dimensions x3000 y1500 z1200
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